A Hometown favorite

Written by Michelle Cooper at GreenFox Marketing

If you are from the area, you know about Grump’s burgers. Not only do they have amazing tasting food, their customer services and restaurant atmosphere is hard to beat. Since 2015, when we featured Grumps’ in the Lake Granbury Living Magazine, they have added one store in Abilene in addition to their Granbury, Stephenville, Cleburne, and Burleson locations. Grumps’ Burgers was opened in Granbury in 2002 by founder and owner, Collier Albright. We had the pleasure to sit down and interview him about how Grumps’ has been since we last talked and how COVID-19 has impacted them.

Back in December of 2002, Grumps’ could only seat 30 people at their original store in Granbury but now they can seat 300; and approximately 600 company-wide. Since 2015 when we last talked to Grumps’, they have not changed much in the way they operate. They have continued to focus on the traditions of Grumps’ and maintained that excellent customer experience. The industry is changing from formal dining to fast-casual, and lucky for Grumps’ that is their niche. Mr. Albright said, “we have focused on fine-tuning what we do and trying to get better in every fascist of the way we do business”.  Grumps’ focuses on everything from greeting you at the door all the way to how they package your to-go orders. They strive to focus on their core brand and be great at what they do. If you have eaten at Grumps’ you know they are the BEST at what they do! 

Mr. Albright says he can never repay the community of Granbury for all of the support over the years during the highs and lows. During COVID-19, Grumps’ had to move to curbside orders only, and the response to that was moving for the Grumps’ family. Even though it was a learning curve for the workers, the citizens of Granbury kept coming back again and again. Mr. Albright said, “so the week I did not sleep, I realized I should have never doubted the town of Granbury. This town would not let us fail and that is something that I can never repay”. 

The next five years are going to be some to remember for Grumps’! They have made contacts with some people who are wanting to take Grumps’ nationally, of course starting in Texas first. Mr. Albright is excited to have opportunities and challenges ahead! We will always be Grumps’ number one fans! We hope you take time to go in and enjoy the Grumps’ experience and say hello to Mr. Collier Albright.