Words by Brandy Herr

Photography by Killingsworth Photography


Our lives center around food, from holidays, to social gatherings and special occasions, and eating establishments, food has long since been a focal point in the fabric of our stories. Restaurants play host to marriage proposals, to those seeking comfort after the loss of a loved one, and to people celebrating milestones and special events. In addition, enjoying a dining experience is often considered a staple of getaways and vacations. Visitors desire the chance to taste and sample unique flavors that they otherwise might not have the fortune to try on a regular basis back home. For this reason, the Granbury Foodie Trail was born.

The town of Granbury is known to locals and visitors alike as a spectacular leisure destination, filled with history and intrigue, charming shops, A-list shows, and plenty of things to see and do. Now, with the launch of the Granbury Foodie Trail, Granbury is once again on the map, this time as a culinary destination.

The brainchild of Teresa Anderson, CEO of Visit Granbury Inc, the Granbury Foodie Trail campaign has been a full year in the making. Officially launched at the beginning of summer 2018, Visit Granbury partnered with GreenFox Marketing to perfect the branding. Anderson had long desired to create some form of trail in Granbury to entice visitors to explore all that the town has to offer. And what better way to get visitors’ hearts than through their stomachs?

“We get people coming into the Visitor Center all the time, and the first question out of their mouths is where they should eat,” said Ashlee Myers, Brand and Digital Marketing Specialist for Visit Granbury.

The goal of the Granbury Foodie Trail is to highlight locations where guests can expect a unique experience along with a great meal. Visit Granbury wants those that take advantage of the trail to fully enjoy their time, with the ultimate objective being to encourage repeat visitors.

“We want people to say, ‘Well, we’ve tried some of the restaurants on the trail, now we need to go back and try others!'” said Myers.

Visit Granbury also hopes to include incentives to guests who visit all the restaurants on the trail with a type of passport or other device in the future.

Granbury is home to an eclectic mix of culinary delights, and the Granbury Foodie Trail aims to highlight them all. Focusing primarily on locally-owned establishments, Visit Granbury offers inclusion on the trail to restaurants free of charge, provided that they meet the guidelines of offering guests a unique and memorable dining experience. Some of the restaurants on the trail stood out to Visit Granbury from the beginning, and some were included based on recommendation, but they were all specifically invited by the tourism center to join the trail, hand-picked due to the exceptional experiences they provide their guests.

When it comes to dining choices, the Granbury Foodie Trail has just about something for everyone. From authentic German fare, to Mexican, Italian, or down-home Southern cooking, travelers along the trail certainly won’t go home hungry. The trail even boasts an award-winner: Granbury is home to Grumps Burgers, which, according to TripAdvisor, is the fourth best burger joint in the nation, and best in the entire state of Texas.

The atmosphere at each location is just as varied as the cuisine. If diners want locally sourced food in an outdoor, almost Bohemian setting, or if they want gut-busting burgers while being immersed in 1950s Americana, or even a local distillery, a trip down the Granbury Foodie Trail is sure to leave them satisfied.

While named the Granbury Foodie Trail, visitors might be surprised to discover that some locations are found in neighboring towns. Visit Granbury understands that good food is sometimes worth driving for, so they have included establishments from Weatherford, Bluff Dale, and Godley as well.

“Restaurants in other towns offer a great experience with a variety of options, even if it’s outside Granbury,” said Myers. “Because it’s a trail, it encourages people to drive and explore, to see all of Granbury along with the neighboring locations.”

Pet lovers understand that you don’t have to be a human to be a foodie. The Granbury Foodie Trail includes locations for canine companions as well, including Ketzler’s Schnitzel Haus which promotes a pet-friendly biergarten patio. The Local, an open-air establishment with a beatnik vibe, even offers a separate Fido Food menu so your furry friends won’t have to beg you for scraps, though they probably still will.

The locations found on the Granbury Foodie Trail vary from Granbury staples that have treated guests for decades to newer locations, some of whom have only just appeared within the last few years. It’s a perfect blend of young innovations working with the older and more reliable, just like the people of Granbury them-selves. A glance at the restaurants on the Foodie Trail list tells a visitor exactly what to expect from the town as a whole: a place that isn’t afraid to take risks and try new, diverse ideas, while at the same time remembering its roots and providing guests with warm, Southern hospitality.

Few things invoke a passion within people’s hearts quite like food. Whether a person is a five-star chef, or simply someone who enjoys tasty cooking, every individual has strong opinions regarding what they eat, when they eat, and where they eat. Even just the smell of bacon sizzling on the grill or pizza baking in the oven can ignite strong memories of happy times and momentous occasions.

Food and vacations are often intertwined in a similar way. When we look back on the fun and exciting getaways we have taken in our past, it’s hard not to recall the delicious meals and unique dining experiences that helped to shape our time at that location. Because of resources like the Granbury Foodie Trail, visitors now have a way to properly join their dining options with other destination experiences, to create the perfect getaway to be remembered for years to come. Locals and visitors alike can take advantage of the Foodie Trail by using it as a guideline to craft their dining experience, and completionists can enjoy the chance to try each location on the list. The Granbury Foodie Trail is the ultimate asset for giving visitors plenty of food for thought.