3602 E. Highway 377 Granbury, TX 76049
Memorial Day Weekend May 26 – 29, 2017

Photography provided by Sight Glass Flights, LLC.

This annual Memorial Weekend event visibly honors and remembers all of our military and first responders, past and present.

Submitted to Granbury Field of Flags by John Pelham Memorial Day, 2016

From the fields of Flanders
To the shores of Tripoli
Some gave all
To preserve freedom for you and me.

From the jungles of Vietnam
To the atoll of Midway
Some gave all
And we remember them here today.

Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Falluja
They answered their country’s call.
To extend the freedoms we enjoy
Some gave all.

Some gave all
Without whimper, without cry.
Our nation said go, they went;
Never questioning the reason why.

Some gave all
In far away places they never knew
Their blood stained foreign soil
To ensure liberty for me and you.

Some came home
But these we honor never will
But, thankfully, in our memories
They abide with us still.

Many of us here today gave someplace
Some great, some small
But, today we here honor
Those who gave their all.

We came back, they never did
Some here today saw them fall
It’s that sacrifice we honor
For those who gave their all.

So, on this Memorial Day
As we hear these heroes’ call
Please pause prayerfully with me
As we honor those who gave their all.