By Rebecca Parvaresh
Photos by Brian Donnachie

 The sleek lines, the rev of the engine, the vintage dials or the quick recall of a memory are just a few reasons why many will flock to a classic car show. Some are owners themselves, and others are just professional appreciators of the vehicles that rip down the road screaming, “America!” For a local few in Granbury, being a professional appreciator of American steel was what drew them all together to create a local car club dubbed the Piston Slingers. 

“Our club started over the summer of 2012 in the garage of H&H Auto Repair,” explained by the collective members of the Board. “After several conversations the idea took hold and away we went. The Club’s tee shirt design inspired by its members took several months to create. Today we have two, both worn by us all. It was started for the love of cars and friendship.”

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