Words by Melissa McGavock | Photography provided by Forward Training Center

     With the Forward Training Center of Hood County, students are offered diverse educational and training op- portunities. To this experience, the addition of mentorship and support is offered during their coursework and on into their participation in the workforce. This encouragement is invaluable as For- ward Training Center lays the foundation for men and women to begin to recognize their strengths and hone them.
     Our volunteers are an integral part of Forward Training Center’s daily operations. Without the help of the generous people in our community, our mission and programs simply wouldn’t be possible!
     Giving back to your local community has endless benefits. If you are looking to make a difference and find various ways to give back, you’re in the right place.


Our mentorship program is a huge component of our classes, specifically in Jobs for Life. Not only is this a huge accountability factor for our students, but it’s what makes our organization so different. We want to en- courage and teach life-changing skills, but we also want to build trust, relationships and family components with our amazing students. Mentors help students realize potential they already have within them, and keep motivation up to finish the course strong!


Our classes help teach career-growth skills in a variety of ways. One of the biggest ways we do this with each class is hosting guest speakers such as local business owners and community leaders. This helps our students learn valuable career skills and more information about the hiring process.


An easy way to make a huge impact is by assisting our team with mock interviews! While we would love to do it ourselves, someone who doesn’t teach the class or mentor students is the best way to encourage professional, accurate interviewing techniques! This volunteer position is very low time-commitment.


As a local nonprofit, a huge portion of our funds come from annual fundraising events. We often find that we need help making the details of these events come together, such as set up and take down.


Photos and videos are a huge component to our marketing and social media. Having up-to-date professional imagery and video allows us to convey our message to potential students, partners and volunteers!

Forward Training Center (FTC) relies on sponsors, local fundraising efforts, volunteers and local businesses to fund their programs and ensure the success of their graduates.

Forward Training Center is a 501(c)3

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600 W Pearl Street
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Monday – Thursday
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