Words by Lindsey Powell


Tis the season for Holiday parties! It’s that time for turkey feasts and pastries for weeks finally ending with some egg nog and a nice big Christmas Ham… or Brisket… or whichever way your family swings. You sit back and take it all in and think to yourself, “It’s fine… as soon as January 1 hits I will be back in the gym!” And so ensues another New Year’s Resolution!

“I am going to exercise everyday” “I am going to run a marathon” “I am going to eathealthy” “I AM GOING TO JOIN THE GYM!”

Working in the fitness industry I have seen the influx of what we like to call “New Year’s Resolutioners” first hand. We go out and buy memberships and flood the gyms, and social media, acting on our resolution. Whether it’s to hit the gym every day or just ease back into it, January 1st comes and January 1st goes, and soon the motivation starts to fade. Now it’s two weeks in, you haven’t made it back in this week and you’re thinking you are just going to wait until the kids are back in school. Then another week goes by and before you know it, it is February! No more crowded fitness centers and no more posts about our daily gym workout.

So to help you get past the excuses and keep the fitness train going I am going to give you some of the most common roadblocks that people run into and give you some helpful tips that can hopefully help your resolution become a reality! SO… Let’s run down the list!

“I am just too busy”

I have work, kids, dinner, extracurricular activities… and the list goes on and on. This is, and always will be, at the top of the list! But honestly, we’re all busy! Life is CRAZY and what this all comes down to is how import- ant your resolution and your health is to you.

If you want to see this thing through it’s going to take some dedication and time management. Plan out your days accordingly, whether you are finding time before work, during a lunch break or going as soon as you leave work for the day. You can always bring food with you that you can eat throughout the day at work and use your lunch break to workout instead. When there is a will there is a way!

“I can’t afford It”

Is a pretty close second. But the bright side is, being physically active does not have to be expensive! Don’t get me wrong… a gym membership will make it easier on your motivation to exercise and give you a wider variety of workout options. However, you can exercise right in your own home, neighborhood, or park. Our local YMCA also offers scholarships to those who are on a tight budget.


“The gym is too crowded and it is too dark to do anything outside when I have time”

A crowded gym can be a nuisance but I also believe that if the gym being crowded is jamming up your workout routine then it is time to try something new! Go find an area of the gym that is not packed full of people, or better yet get into one of those crowds and find a workout partner! Motivation is the secret to success and nothing motivates someone more than someone else calling you out! “Are you going to the gym today?” is a much harder question to say “no” to when you’re not just talking to yourself! But if you really want to do this on your own, and get some of that peace and quite we’re always looking for, you may need to try coming at different times during the day to avoid the standard 6pm to 8pm gym rush.

“Eating Healthy is just too hard”

I know eating healthy is hard, especially when eating bad is SOOOOO fast and easy. It can cost more… it will take extra time for cooking… and planning out every day with what you’re going to eat can be overwhelming. I UNDERSTAND! It really does come down to how badly you want to make a change for yourself. A great solution to this is meal prepping. Meal Prepping is time consuming, but only 1 day every week or longer depending how much you cook in that one setting. This will save you so much time and planning and can help cut own costs! Your food is already cooked and ready to eat.

So what do you do…? You can fight through the excuses and roadblocks in your way and try to push it all the way down the field… or… you can just move the goal posts!

Instead of making the same resolution you make every year about how you are going to exercise every day, lose 50 pounds, or get back into that dress; try setting a different type of resolution instead. One that is less invasive to your typical schedule and set yourself up for a small win that can lead to bigger things.

I am going to take a yoga class once a week

I am going to go to the gym twice a week

I am going to walk every day

I am going to run a 5k this year

I am going to do 50 pushups a day

Remember that this is your own journey to a healthier you.

Starting off simple is a great way to create a habit. Habits are only formed when you do something consistently. You may find that after you have been on your fitness goal journey for a while new doors will open for you. You might make a new friend in the crowded gym who likes to swim, you may end up running that 5k only to find that cycling was your destination all along. Who knows, maybe those 10 pesky pounds you have been trying to lose will finally leave you alone. The possibilities are endless!

It is also a good idea to sit down and decide how realistic your goal is. If you have a New Year’s Resolution of running a marathon this year but haven’t exercised in years you may want to start out with a goal of running a 5k just to start with! Please do not take this the wrong way, I have seen beginners take on a marathon before and finish walking most of the

way and it is fantastic! But sometimes setting too big of a goal could actually have a negative impact.

No goal is not doable, especially with your drive and well thought out plan.

Another solution if your resolution is something big, doing it with a friend will make it that much easier to accomplish! Grab your accountability buddy and get to work.

There are an abundant of resolutions, excuses and solutions out there.

My personal advice is instead of waiting until the New Year to make a resolution or goal, why not just start today? Nothing is stopping you from your own resolution other than you! Get out there and see what type of fitness works best for your lifestyle and just start with that! Remember that this is your own journey to a healthier you.

About Lindsey

In short, I am a 32 year old mother of two, a hometown girl, and an absolute fitness junkie with a passion for helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

I am a Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor through Yoga Fit. I have five years of group and individual instruction experience, with a focus on rehabilitation and weight loss. I am also a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise In- structor through ISSA and the YMCA, with extensive experience in program design, strength training, weight loss, and healthy aging. Professionally, I have trained with multiple gyms and private training studios, and currently train and instruct at the Hood County YMCA.

As stated above, I am the mother of two wonderful children with my high school sweetheart, husband of 13 years, and fellow fitness enthusiast, Michael Powell. We have an 11 year old son and a five year old daughter that keep us very active. I am also a Granbury High School graduate (Class of 2004… Go Pirates!), the former Mrs. Fit Texas, and the current Mrs. Granbury.

Why should you listen to anything that I have to say? Okay, so I know what you’re thinking… “Great, another skinny chick that’s never had to struggle with diet or weight a day in her life is going to tell me how easy it is to be fit!”. Well, before you stop reading, let me tell you about my struggles and my fitness journey.