Words by Melissa McGavock | Photography by LP Taylor Photography

Hope Moves’ mission is to offer comfort to the homeless and low income families in the form of a hot meal, clothing and spiritualsupport; they aim to alleviate despair and show humility and kindness through God’s love. Hope Moves organizes specific outreach days throughout the year. Locations include Granbury, Fort Worth and Dallas. As their outreach grows, they are always looking for volunteers.

Natali Ragan felt a spiritual calling during a time that she was struggling to find happiness and fulfillment in her life. She’s always felt a need to find the goodness in people and good moments in life. Instead of continuing to search, she decided to create them. While Hope Moves was never really in her plans, it was this turning point in Natali’s life that inspired the organization. It seemed her whole life was a string of smaller moments leading to this one. She felt ready. She felt inspired.

She wanted to connect with people on a personal and spiritual level, she wanted to help them see and feel goodness. And she knew that of everyone, the homeless was a group of individuals that needed it the most. Of all people, these people were hungry, out of time, money, and energy, and usually found themselves spiritually bankrupt. Her initial plan was to gather supplies, clothing, a hot meal and volunteers and head out to the neighborhoods and areas that were most desperate. Once their stomachs were full and their clothing renewed, she and other volunteers would sit down and pray with these individuals. She made it her mission to have these people know, she cared for them and God cared for them, that they were loved and there is good in this world.

She remembers one gentleman in particular, he was in a wheelchair, she explains, “He had a big beard, he looked like Santa Claus. It was during Christmastime. I sat down with him and asked, ‘Can I pray with you?’. He said yes, and tears starting falling out of his eyes. I wasn’t expecting that, it just happened.” He went on to explain to Natali that he hadn’t seen his family is a very long time and the holiday season was difficult. It had also been a long time since he felt someone cared for him. Natali was surprised at the impact her gesture had on this grown, tough man.

Sometimes all we need is a kind gesture, a single moment of consideration and generosity to keep our head up. And so many of us, most of us, are not that far removed from the plight of the homeless. Many people are one natural disaster, layoff, injury or death away from losing everything; and to get back on our feet seems impossible. Once we get to that point, a bad cycle can easily begin, pitting us further and further from success. Even family and other resources can burn out.

Thus Hope Moves was born, because we can’t change much by sitting around and talking, we have to make things happen, and when we have hope, together we have the right motivation. It is a move to make a change for the better.

They started just four years ago, with a small storage unit, a van, close friends and family. Eventually, their donation amounts reached a large enough amount that they now have the inventory to supply their community closet and resale shop. Natali’s vision for the future would include a homeless shelter for temporary placement, for those who really need it. A warm blanket, and the chance to rest and clean up can make all the difference to get back on your feet and not only that, see and be a part of the good in life.


Here are the dates to participate in our monthly outreaches:

  • FT-Worth Homeless Outreach: Jan 26th, April 27th, July 27th, and Oct 26th.
  • OTS Community Outreach: Feb 23rd, May 25th, and Nov 30th.
  • BRA Community Outreach: Mar 30th, Sep 28th, and Dec 28th.

(All outreaches are the last Saturday of the month)

Ways to help:

  • Donate
  • Participate in our Annual Golf Tournament
  • Volunteer at the Community Closet
  • Like and Share us on Facebook

Email: hopemoves@actonbaptist.org

Hope Moves Women’s Resale Shop and Community Closet
2005 Southwest Pkwy, Granbury TX 76048