New year, new look for Lake Granbury Living! As we are committed to excellence in design for every publication, we are also committed to staying relevant for our readers. In this effort, we felt it was imperative to brand ourselves in a way that is versatile in all applications, that is, print, web and social media. We need to be able to stay on trend and recognizable no matter the medium, just as we do for our clients at GreenFox Marketing Solutions.

An effective logo will have elements that can cross all visual applications. Our new logo package does just that, it is immediately recognizable and restores confidence in our ability as a publicly available media outlet. Like the name, our logo is our identifier. Our new look is reminiscent of the tried and true Lake Granbury Living logo, but at the same time, strikingly different than our industry peers.

It’s Simple.

Good logo design is simple, not in conception, but execution. It should be easily recognizable, and always look sharp when formatted in any color or size.


It’s Versatile.

The new logo offers variations that keep the brand consistent across all mediums. From billboard to Facebook Mobile, our brand stands out, while remaining distinct and recognizable.


It’s Informative.

The new LGL logo still conveys our message. It is unique to our publication, and identifies itself as a source for all those who live and work in Granbury, Texas.