Words by Dena Dyer

“Just look at it!” my friend cried as she walked into the restaurant. “Look at my hair!”

I glanced up from my phone and registered her much-shorter and very dark ‘do. “What happened?” I asked, thinking I already knew the answer.
“She butchered it! I cried all the way home.”
I sighed and shook my head. “I’m so sorry!”

My two BFFs and I had all been forced to find a new hairdresser after our stylist quit the business without any warning. Each of us had been happy with her work and her prices. Cut, style, color—she did it all, and did it well (and we each had very different hair).

So, we were back on the market, trying different salons in different parts of town and comparing results.

It was exhausting…and stressful. Guys just don’t understand what we go through to find (and keep) the perfect hairdresser. Has any man ever moaned, “I can’t go to work like this!” after his barber cut an extra half- inch off his hair? I think not.

It got me to thinking. Why hasn’t some clever entrepreneur come up with a matchmaking website which could help women like us? After all, replacing the stylist in your life is as hard as finding a good man (maybe harder!). It would be like E-Harmony, but with scissors and highlights instead of phone calls and emails.

Here are the questions I would have users answer when they register:

My ideal salon’s décor should be:

  • Bright and colorful
  • Relaxing and spa-like
  • Full of Southern country charm (think Joanna Gaines meets Reese Witherspoon)
  • Boho chic

My perfect hairdresser should talk:

  • About politics or religion (or both)
  • From the moment I sit down until I pay out
  • Only when necessary
  • About all the other clients she has so I can hear all the latest gossip

The stylist will earn extra brownie points if he/she:

  • Offers me a cold beverage
  • Gives an extra-long scalp massage during the shampoo
  • Has the latest issues of Us Weekly and People
  • Ignores the fact that I tried to cut my own bangs to save money

The stylist will NOT get a “second date” with me if he/she:

  • Has country music playing
  • Runs more than 15 minutes late
  • Takes phone calls while cutting my hair
  • Trashes all his/her ex-clients while I’m there

Finally—and most important—The hairdresser who will win my heart will:</h3

  • Know all the best products for my hair type
  • Be understanding if I reschedule
  • Provide me a big discount when I refer my friends
  • Give me a style I can reproduce at home, even on the first try

About Dena

Dena Dyer is a professional writer and speaker, as well as the author of eight books and hundreds of articles. Her most recent book, written with her husband Carey, is Love at First Fight: 52 Story-Based Meditations for Married Couples. In her day job, Dena is the Director of Communications and Development at Brazos Pregnancy Center. She and Carey have been married nineteen wonderful years, and a couple more they don’t talk about. They live in Granbury with their two sons (Jordan and Jackson) and a spoiled dog, Princess. Dena loves coffee with hazelnut creamer, traveling, reading, shopping at thrift stores, and watching British television.