Words by Lindsey Powell

Spring is right around the corner, and before you know it that certain season we all dread will be here: “Swimsuit Season!” As I like to tell my daughter, “Beauty is on the inside,” but still, the majority of us want to look good and feel comfortable in our summer clothes. For a lot of us the thought of dawning our bathing suits and heading out into public is what lead to our weight loss resolutions! So now is no time to get discouraged or distracted; make no mistake… SUMMER IS COMING!

In my last article we talked about New Year’s resolutions and ways to start working towards yours goals of being a happier and healthier you. Now that we’re well into the New Year and we’ve all managed to stick to our resolutions, I want to help make sure we keep this train rolling and don’t get derailed by the seemingly endless cycle of feasts, holidays, and vacations that fill winter and spring. Today I want to talk about one in particular, Spring Break, and the possible setbacks you could face.

That Ski trip you may have planned, while offering plenty of exercise and activity, can also mean vacationing on your diet. For those of us with kids, a week off school can make it hard to get to the gym, go for that run, and all but impossible to workout at the house. Do I even need to mention our bi, and sometimes tri, polar weather? But I guess it really does no good if I just continue to list out road blocks, so let’s stop talking problems and start talking solutions!


For most of us when it comes to vacations and food, I won’t even mention alcohol, “I’m on Vacation” tends to be the go-to excuse for WRECKING our diets. Stay strong and fight those urges! You can have that amazing dessert or that awesome looking drink, but maybe don’t have the bread filled appetizer, carb heavy meal, chocolate covered dessert, and alcoholic drink all at one time! Just remem-ber to enjoy all things in moderation and try to make heathy choices whenever they are available. Make sure you have a daily meal plan set in place, don’t get caught just trying to grab something in a rush… that’s how we get suckered into bad decisions!

Diets are not the only thing that vacations tend to de-rail. Your workout routine is often the second casualty in the spring break battle and dropping that routine now will make it even harder to get back into the swing of things. The “I’m on Vacation” excuse catches most of us on this one too. You can try to avoid this pit fall in a couple different ways. First, if you are going to a resort or hotel, use their facilities! Most hotels and resorts have gyms, however, they may be limited on equipment, so rather than skipping out altogether just try waking up a little earlier and grabbing a quick workout to start your day!

Another great option is to skip the need to work out all together and just plan an active vacation! Skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, snorkeling… and the list goes on and on! Don’t just kick up your feet and kick back drinks, go out and explore the wide and wonderful world!


As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, there is nothing better than heading outside to enjoy one of Texas’ best seasons of the year! You have a plethora of opportunity to continue on your fitness journey with outside activities such as local runs, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, etc.

But what happens when the weather is not so pleasant? After all this is Texas… and while it may be 75° today it could be 40° and raining tomorrow. Your favorite gym is a perfect place to be during these times, do not let random Texas weather be one of your setbacks! The YMCA offers group exercise classes as well as child watch plus a day camp for kids during Spring break.

All gyms can also become overcrowded during spring break, if you are looking to avoid the masses there are a few exercise ideas you can do at home at the end of the article!


If you are like me, and will be staying home for spring break, there can also be a lot of hurdles in your fitness path. Your normal day-to-day schedule will be altered for at least a week while kids are out of school, making it even harder to get to the gym, go for a walk, or go to your favorite class. That schedule change can also have a big impact on our diet plans too!

Again, it is important to make sure you have your food plan set for the week! Meal prepping is the easiest way to stay on a healthier path. This method works best for me due to the fact that my kids do not eat the same things I eat and also when I am hungry I will find what-ever is easiest to eat right that second. With an already prepped meal I can just throw it in the microwave for a few minutes and feed the “hangry monster” as my hus-band likes to say.

The kids will want to be entertained every second of the day and steering clear of all day long video games on a gorgeous Spring Day is something my husband and I strive for. Granbury is very family-friendly when it comes to outdoor activities. The Moments in Time Hike and Bike trail is one of my personal favorites. While on this beautiful path there are places you can stop and play. Baseball Fields, Dog Park, Skate Park, Hewlett park, the Disc Golf Course and a nice stroll around the square!

Juggling a job and entertaining kids while on break can also be challenging. In addition to the YMCA Day Camp during Spring Break, you can also send your kid-dos to Camp El Tesoro for their Spring Break Camp!

I am excited about Spring Time! Spring offers new beginnings and a time for growth. Enjoy every minute exploring our community and what it has to offer.


Equipment needed: Dumbbells and Mat

25 Reps each or timed, circuit

•Bicep Curls (using Dumbells)
•8-count (a burpee with push-up and plank jack)
•Tricep Kickbacks (Using Dumbbells)
•Chest flys (using Dumbbells)

(Try and use weights with each of these exercises)
Timed or 25 each, circuit

•Wall sit
•Weighted Deadlifts (using Dumbbells)
•Jumping Jacks
•Speed stairs
•Skaters or Heisman Hold

25 each

•Crunchy Frog/In-and-Outs
•Leg-Raise/Pulse Ups
•V-up Roll-ups
•Oblique V-ups or Side-plank Hip Raises
•Russian Twist

8 sets
Timed 30 seconds on 10 second transition

•Superman to Banana
•Bicycle crunches to toe tap crunches


•Leg lifts/push
•Wall Handstand Push-ups
•Plank while partner sprints gym/track



Sat 13th Apr 2019
Granbury, Texas, US
Run 5km

Sat April 20, 2019
Granbury, TX US 76049

June 22, 2019
Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas
Choose from a 5k, 15k or 13.1 mile trail run

Jul 6, 2019
5K run | kids run

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